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Achieve operational excellence
by accurately predicting maintenance needs

Akselos Integra™ Modeler unlocks the full power of mechanical simulations
to create physics-based digital twins of critical assets throughout the entire lifecycle.

Reduce CAPEX
via lean design

Reduce OPEX
via advanced monitoring
and maintenance

Increase uptime
and productivity



Offshore Structural Engineering

We enable safer operations through simulations of entire offshore structures in unprecedented detail.

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We help maximize throughput with customized features for predictive maintenance of critical assets.

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Port Infrastructure

We support our customers by assessing the condition of infrastructure throughout its lifetime.

Akselos Integra™ Modeler
empowers industrial asset managers
to reliably maintain assets for the future

Keep your assets up and running

Equip your engineers with an integrated view of an entire asset’s condition with real-time updates and alerts

Allocate maintenance budget effectively

Prioritize maintenance for critical assets by identifying the specific areas where the consequences of failure are high

Augment IIoT power

Augment the predictive power of IIoT by combining Big Data with fast, accurate, physics-based models

Increase IIoT ROI

Leverage existing IIoT investments by utilizing real-time decision support data provided by a true digital twin


Akselos has developed a revolutionary new type of engineering simulation technology. The underlying technology enables an increase in simulation speed of 1’000 to 10'000, compared to the best-in-class CAE software used by engineers today, while preserving accuracy to within 1% of FEA results. Thus, in fact largely leapfrogging FEA accuracy!