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Akselos is a dynamic company that is providing a revolutionary new cloud-based approach for large-scale engineering simulations. Our technology is based on over 10 years of award-winning research at MIT. We have a great team of highly-skilled, passionate and dedicated engineers.

We have needs across a wide range of engineering disciplines, so please refer to the tabs for more information.

Also, please see Current Job Openings to see high-priority positions that we're looking to fill.

Below we list opportunities to join our disruptive company in the fast-growing engineering simulation market. To apply for any of the positions below, please send your CV and cover letter to

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SaaS specialists at Akselos have a strong interest in:
- Development of scalable infrastructure for cloud-based engineering simulations
- Experience with cloud architectures (e.g. Google Compute Engine or AWS stack)
- Web development

Presently, there are no job opening for this position available

We're looking for software engineers with the following qualifications:
- Professional software development experience
- Expert with Python
- Comfortable with mathematics related to 3D graphics
- WebGL or OpenGL experience
- Knowledgeable about scripting with Python in Linux
- Familiar with a GUI library (e.g. Qt)

Presently, there are no job opening for this position available

Production/Mechanical engineers have the following qualifications:
- Experience with commercial CAD/CAE software and tools
- Knowledge of FEA and scientific computational techniques
- Experience with high-performance computational infrastructure
- Knowledge of advanced mechanical analysis such as structural buckling and vibration, heat transfer and acoustics
- Knowledge of high-quality computational mesh/grid constructions for accurate simulation analysis

Presently, there are no job opening for this position available

Responsibilities and Tasks:
- Identify potential customers and markets
- Engineer project specifications in partnership with customers.
- Expand into large scale enterprise software sales
- Account management and Service

Akselos is always looking for young talent to join the team. We offer 6 months internships in
- Cloud computing (Lausanne)
- Administration, Legal, RH (Lausanne)
- Marketing and Business Development (Lausanne)