Lightning fast and razor sharp

Akselos performs extremely fast and accurate simulations for large engineering systems. Our solvers run very large parameterized simulations in seconds, and can give full finite element analysis (FEA) accuracy. Engineers can now investigate systems with hundreds of parameters with unprecedented speed. Learn more.


As easy as assembling legos

Akselos simulations are based on pre-computed components. Engineers can build complex systems in minutes with a simple drag & drop and docking user interface. Systems can be modified in seconds and yield high-fidelity simulation results a few seconds later. Learn more.



Pre-computed but versatile

Components are able to reproduce full FEA accuracy. Each component is built specifically for a certain type of physics, and CAD, meshing, material properties and loads are already included in each component. This allows engineers to focus on their work without having to worry about the complicated details of simulation software. Each component can be configured by setting geometric and physical parameters, which makes it easy to explore many different system configurations. Learn more.



Engineering knowledge at your fingertips

Our components are organized in an extensive library which can be navigated very naturally. View all components with similar features. Or see at a glance all components that can plug into the component of interest. Learn more.


HPC Infrastructure

Leverage the power of the cloud

High-fidelity engineering simulations are very computationally intensive. Akselos' software runs on the cloud to provide a next-generation platform for massively parallel high-performance computing (HPC). This provides the benefits of state-of-the-art HPC to our customers, without requiring expensive and complicated supercomputing infrastructure in-house.

Advanced Algorithms

Remarkable speedup due to new algorithms

Akselos' software is based on the Reduced Basis method, which can provide orders-of-magnitude speedup compared to conventional finite element analysis without sacrificing accuracy. The Reduced Basis method has been a major topic of academic research over the past decade. Akselos is dedicated to bringing the benefits of these new algorithms to a broad range of industries. Learn more.