Master complex engineering systems

With powerful yet user-friendly engineering simulations, every engineer can now gain insights into complex systems. Akselos Assembler provides an incredibly powerful user interface to assemble high-resolution simulations for large, heavy-industry systems. Every engineer in the team can quickly set up many different scenarios for very large systems.

Large 3D models that can be updated in minutes

Engineers don't want to waste time dealing with the complexities of preparing a CAD model for simulation. So we take care of it, on our side. We provide a fully meshed, component-based model that can be quickly modified. Condition-based modeling can be achieved in seconds by switching a pristine component for a component that models defects and/or damage. Entire topology changes are possible in a matter of minutes.

In-depth, multi-scenario analysis

Aksel Blocks contain adjustable parameters that define geometric and physical properties, loads, and other boundary conditions. Within the Assembler, engineers can seamlessly adjust model parameters. The system load conditions, geometrical or physical properties can be changed in just a few clicks, and a new high fidelity simulation obtained in seconds. The model parameter space can quickly be explored in a way that is impractical with traditional simulation techniques.

Engineer without limits -- New components

High-performance computations for large engineering systems are notoriously difficult to achieve. Akselos handles all the low-level work so your engineers can focus on their core expertise. When you need a new component, source it from Akselos and we take care of the meshing, parameterization and simulation accuracy. Components can take any shape or form, without restrictions, so you can model your exact system.