Any geometry is possible

There is no constraint to the type of geometry we can handle. Components can be as simple as a tube, or as complex as a detailed mechanical part. Akselos Components are built on computational meshes. This means your model does not make any simplifying assumption when it comes to the geometry, and you capture the exact system behaviour.

Physics specific

Each component is built for a particular type of application. The physics of a component are modeled in full detail, based on first principles. Components for structural analysis model linear elastic behavior, and hence provide a high-fidelity model of stresses and strains in structures. We also provide components for vibration analysis, thermal analysis and acoustics.


The geometry, physical properties and boundary conditions of each Akselos Components can be parametrized. This gives tremendous power to the final model, where the configurations of each component can depend on design requirements or field condition

CAD and meshing included

The components are based on CAD files that are meshed in full 3D detail. Our algorithms are very fast and allow to include very fine meshes for each component. Meshes are refined in areas of high stress. We use the best meshing software in the industry and make sure our meshes are very accurate for the computation range we cover.

Detailed modeling

Put as much detail into the components as you want, such as defects, damage, or gusset plates. Akselos will develop high-quality meshes for these components. This enables components to be modeled in full detail, and allows engineers to work with condition-based modeling..

See how accurate our components are

Components contains highly accurate simulations data, coming from FEA and benchmarked to FEA