Gain time, find new ideas

Enhancing Collaboration & innovation
Leverage your engineering team by uploading models and components. Make your models centrally available, within your organisation or the Akselos community, controlled with secure access rights. Track the shortcomings of simulations to improve them in the future. Enable your organisation to collaborate more effectively.

Utilize pre-built simulation components

Take advantage of an extensive library of pre-built components. Build high accuracy models from validated components. When assembling a large model, we make sure you have easy access to thousands of searchable, well organised simulation components. Leverage pre-defined components to guide engineers through simulations.

Search and find required component and models in seconds

Find new ideas by searching all components, including related components that can dock into a chosen common component port. Or search through the component and model library based on applications, keywords, physics, etc.

Quality Assurance

Every component and model passes through a stringent quality assurance process. Components and models created by you or your peers are validated by engineers appointed by Akselos before being released into your personal, corporate or community library. The numerical quality of Akselos simulation components is unmatched in the marketplace.

Integration with Assembler

While working in the Akselos Assembler, you can easily check for models and compatible components within the Library. A right-click on any component used in the Assembler will directly open the detailed information and compatible components in the Library. The centralised library gives you insights into proper usage for each component, including user reviews. For each model in the library, the powerful Reduced-Basis Simulations are just one click away.