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Akselos in Action I: Components and Parameters

A basic overview of components and parameters in the Akselos modeling software. We demonstrate these concepts using a demo model of a shiploader structure.

Akselos in Action II: Solving and Visualization

Demonstration of solving and visualization of the shiploader demo model. We show how to solve the model using the Akselos cloud-based simulation engine, and visualization reaction forces, displacements, and stresses.

Akselos in Action III: Maximum Values Visualization

Demonstration of the "maximum values only" visualization mode. This enables users to download lightweight visualization data that allows quick identification of areas of concern, and is a useful approach for large models consisting of many components.

Akselos in Action IV: Modifying the Model

We modify the shiploader demo model by disconnecting on of the supports of the shuttle. We then compare and contrast the displacements and stresses against the original model.

Akselos in Action V: Load cases and load combinations

Demonstrate how to create load cases and load combinations. Also, a very powerful feature to combine with parameter - a unique feature of Akselos.

Akselos in Action VI: Decision Support System

The Decision Support System enables users to generate a report that gives an overview of structural integrity for a set of load case combinations. This video demonstrates how to set tolerances and load case combinations, and then run a Study to generate results for 7 load cases applied to the shiploader demo model. We then review the Decision Support System output for this Study.